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Learn how to prepare sauces at home like a professional.


I suggest taking this lesson first. After this lesson you will be able to break down a chicken, prepare chicken broth and sauces that derive from chicken stock. Also you will learn a proper fish brin ...

This lesson is based around Beurre Blanc Sauce. A French sauce that translates to white butter. This sauce can be fragile I will teach not only how to make it but also how to not break it. In addition ...

Are you a fiend for tutti fruitti? Well if you are, in this lesson I have a gorgeous Blackberry Lemon Sauce that will go great with a variety of breakfast dishes' and pastries. To mix things up ...

Lettuce Cream Sauce is often served at fine dining restaurant's, but it is easy to make and you don't have to bust out the white table cloth. This sauce is being paired with a nicely roas ...

To me Hollandaise Sauce is a must know for any cook. Hollandaise is a sauce made from egg yolks that can be used for any meal of the day. The sauce in this course will be drizzled on top of pork an ...

I have wrote these recipes for your reference. Once you have prepared these items a few times you should feel confident enough to ditch these recipes and cook from taste and feel.  

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