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Computer science Udemy

Complete Facebook Messenger Chatbot Course FREE

Use ChatterOn to train chatbot to answer questions and have dialogs. Master ChatterOn Create chatbot for Messenger.

Health & Wellness Udemy

Wall Yin Yoga 29.99 €

Stretch your Body with the Support of a Wall

Business Udemy

Master DevOps Tools | A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021 24.99 €

Master DevOps Tools | A Step-by-Step Guide for 2021

Design Udemy

Create Animated Gif Advertising Banners in Photoshop CC 84.99 €

Learn Step-By-Step how to create those moving Animated GIF advertising banners seen on sites online - using Photoshop CC

Business Udemy

Ethics & Acceptance 19.99 €

ACCA Audit And Assurance Subject

Internet Udemy

The Inception Power Up - Make them remember your message 34.99 €

A very powerful "sticky idea" technique to ensure your viewers remember your key message.

Music Udemy

Super Fun Ukulele Lessons for Kids | Mr. Uku and Friends 74.99 €

Ukulele Learning Videos for Young Kids and the Young at Heart!

How to Udemy

Elements of Life (4-6) by Nia Peeples 59.99 €

Elements of Life: 12 Bridges Back to You (Course 2 of 4) - Elements 4-6: Courage, Adventure, Freedom

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