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Learn how to make a real income by selling your original artwork online to customers all around the world.


In this section, you will learn how to define your audience, decide on your art format, art production, sourcing art supplies and pricing your art for sale. Please see worksheets download attached.

Welcome! Please download your worksheets for Part 1 and let's get started!

Defining your audience is key to knowing how to market your art.

In this video you will walk through a process to help you decide on an art format.

Walk through the steps to decide how you will produce your art products. This will ensure quality and speed as your art business is growing later.

Learn my best tips and tricks for sourcing art supplies in order to maintain healthy profit margins.

Artists always ask me how to price their artwork. This video helps to give advice on how to do so.

Final thoughts closing of Part 1 and leading into Part 2 of the Sell Your Art Masterclass.

In Part 2, I will help you choose your selling platform, show you pros and cons of a personal website, teach you how to set up your selling policies and personal about sections. Please see worksheets ...

Learn the pros and cons of selling your art on Etsy.

Learn the pros and cons of selling your art on Shopify.

Learn the pros and cons of selling your art on Amazon Handmade.

Learn about selling on a wide range of other great selling platforms.

Learn the pros and cons of creating a personal selling website.

Tips on building your selling policies so your customers know exactly how to purchase from you.

Build an about section that helps to create loyal art fans.

Final thoughts closing Part 2 and leading into Part 3 of The Sell Your Art Masterclass.

In Part 3, you will learn how to photograph your art, do mock up styling, build effective art listings, SEO, writing descriptions, shipping settings and packaging your art orders. Please see PDF downl ...

Learn about photography, lighting, cameras and image continuity for your online art shop.

Learn some great tricks for mock up styling your art to feel like it's in a room setting.

Learn the key elements to an effective art listing in your shop.

Learn some strategies for discovering SEO keywords to implement in your art listing titles, tags and descriptions.

Learn how to write great descriptions for your physical and printable art products. Template for Physical Art Product Description: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5lop25zwqof62 ...

Learn how to set your online shop shipping settings.

Learn how to adequately package your art for shipment.

Final thoughts closing Part 3 and leading into Part 4 of The Sell Your Art Masterclass.

In this section, you will learn how to over deliver for your art customers, abandon cart strategies, testimonials, reviews, pre-launch, launch day and post- launch strategies. See worksheets PDF downl ...

Learn how to over deliver for your customers to keep them coming back again and again to purchase from you.

Learn how to get people to come back and complete their art orders with abandon cart strategies.

Learn the power of testimonials, reviews and shares for your art business.

Learn about what to do in weeks leading up to a launch of new art.

Learn what to do on the day you launch a new art piece, collection or series.

Learn about post-launch day strategies to encourage potential customers to purchase your art.

Thank you for taking the Sell Your Art Masterclass! I hope it has helped you start the process to selling your artwork online to real customers around the world. Keep creating and keep marketing! I w ...

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