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A How-To Video Course Teaching Jaw-Dropping Magic Effects that are Simple to Learn and Perform.


Simple Magic Tricks Anyone Can Do Welcome to the world of wonder. You are about to be led on a course full of amazement, mystification, and mind foolery. If you like to be the center of attent ...

Control a card on the top of the deck

Control a card to the bottom or top of the deck.

A card bet that never fails.

Make a spectator choose the only indifferent card color.

All of the threes find their way to the top.

Cut to all four of the aces.

Read the mind of your spectator to determine which coin they chose.

A coin appears from two cards.

A coin magically rubs away.

A coin penetrates a handkerchief.

A coin always lands on heads.

A coin vanishes at the fingertips.

A coin magically transfers hands.

A coin penetrates the table with a surprising twist.

A rope ties itself with the flick of the wrist.

A ring penetrates a string.

A piece of rope penetrates a spectator's finger.

A rope penetrates the neck.

Thread a rope without letting go of the ends.

Three ropes of a different size become the same size.

A piece of twine is cut in the middle but restores itself in the spectator's hand.

Read the mind of a spectator by analyzing their handwriting.

A chosen color is predicted.

A chosen number is predicted.

The length of an arm goes inside a hat.

A rubber band is broken then restored.

A pen mysteriously vanishes.

Balls continue to penetrate solid cups.

A rubber band jumps from finger to finger.

A pencil defies gravity.

No matter how hard the spectator tries, they can't mimic your moves.

A marking pen vanishes at the fingertips.

A small piece of paper is torn but then restored.

A dollar bill is torn then restored.

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