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Create a Simple Plan for a Garden Season


The most successful gardeners are those who come up with a simple plan for the season. Here's what we'll be covering in the next few videos. You can also download the full digital copy of my ...

Before you jump into planning this year's garden, take a step back and think about your successes from last season and what you'd like to do differently this year.

It's time to zoom out and look at the bigger picture of how your garden fits into your life.

Now it's time to dive in and take a look at your grocery shopping, cooking, and eating habits so you can decide what you want to grow in your garden this season.

If you don't currently get colorful seed catalogs in the mail you're really missing out! Here are my three favorite.

The different vegetables you'll plant in your garden produce widely different amounts of food, which is why it's important to understand how much food each plant will provide you with throug ...

Sometimes, when we're holding a seed or small plant, we have trouble imagining how big it will grow. This often means things get planted too close and become overgrown, which effects how well eac ...

Vegetables vary widely in the number of days they need to grow until we can harvest them for dinner. We'll break them down into three categories for you so you can plan to plant a few from each. ...

Now that we've looked at each vegetables from a variety of perspectives, what does it all mean? See the Veggie Essentials section of the Smart Start Garden Planner for more on this topic.

Depending on which vegetable you're planting sometimes you'll be planting a seed from a packet and sometimes you'll be planting a baby plant. Learn which vegetables fall into these two ...

A lot of terms and phrases get thrown around when people start talking about seeds. To help you make your own educated decisions, here are a few definitions  you'll want to be familiar with as y ...

Flipping through a seed catalog can be confusing because there's so much information listed in there! I'll break down the different elements and show you what to pay attention to when chossi ...

If you're ready to create a garden that feeds your body and your soul, add some of these favorites to your seed order this year.

It's time to get ready to place your seed orders. Here are the steps I work through to make my final decisions.

In this lesson you'll learn how to create a personalized Spring Planting Schedule so you know the best time to plant each vegetable in your climate.

A quick behind-the-scenes look at how I organize my seeds.

If you hold on to your plant labels you'll be interested in this simple way to organize and keep track of them.

I'll share some final thoughts and some resources for continuing to build your garden skills.

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