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Learn how to paint a watercolor of a sailboat leaving harbour with a dramatic sky and water.


Supply list are available to print under resources.

Instruction Guide, transfer paper, three photo references are available under resource to print. After this lecture, students learn a simple technique to transfer any image onto a watercolour paper.  ...

Students are introduced to Masking fluid or frisket. It is applied to your watercolour paper, to work as a resist, preserving the white paper underneath.

In watercolours, we begin with a light wash of colours and allow the colours blend in on the paper to create amazing background.

In this painting, our goal is to create a vibrant active sky in order for our focal point of a sail boat to stand out in our painting.

Bev will introduce a new concept painting water by turning your painting upside down!

Once all our masking fluid is taken off, we can begin painting shadows!

Have you ever noticed that the colour RED is one colour that artists use to attract the viewer! Now we will begin introducing it in our Range Light and Sail boat.

In this lecture we will paint the pier and the rocks below.

At the end of a watercolour, it is the dark values that finish a painting. Bev will introduce how to introduce these darks and how to soften some of these edges.

In this lecture, we will paint darker values in the water which will create the movement of the waves by the sailboat.

Now it's time to stand back from your painting.  Are you able to see the dimension of the range light, rocks and sailboat? If you cannot, ask yourself do I need to add more darks? Hope that you ...