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Sports Betting - Learn everything you need to know to get started TODAY plus common mistakes to avoid


A quick introduction to the course and what will be covered.

Before we get stated into the main content, this video covers some of the terminology used so things are a little clearer. 

In this video I'll cover what sports betting actually is.

Here I'll cover some of the benefits of sports betting.

In this video I'll talk about how sports betting works.

In this video I'll talk about the elements of a bet.

This video will go into bet types and forms of betting.

Here we'll cover straight, win and money line bets.

We'll now move onto totals bets & over:under bets.

We are half way through the lectures, it's time to cover point spread & handicap bets.

I'll now move onto futures & outright bets.

In this video it's all about proposition bets & specials.

Here we'll talk about parlays, accumulators and multiples.

It's teasers and pleasers in this one. 

I'll cover if bets & reverse bets here.

Now it's time for permutation/combination betting.

In this video we'll cover understanding the odds.

Here I'll cover the topic of how the bookie makes money.

The last but one lecture, it's all about value and probability.

This is it, you made it, Well done! I'll finish off with some top tips and mistakes to avoid.