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Learn Skills to be Developed and Maintained to a Confident You



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Git tutorials for Beginners - Complete Course FREE

a complete practical course on git and github

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UI/UX Design - Adobe XD From Scratch 59.99 €

Design your website , prototype it and improve your portfolio

Health & Wellness Udemy

Module 9: Kyusho Chi Energy Transfer 39.99 €

Advanced Kyusho Jutsu techniques utilizing Chi Energy.

Software Udemy

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals | Microsoft 365 Essentials 84.99 €

Microsoft 365 for beginners including the ins and outs of Microsoft 365, different Microsoft 365 apps, tools

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Export Import Logistics with Global Incoterms ® 2020 Rules 19.99 €

Learn Incoterms®2020 to solve the confusions in Exports/Imports Logistics, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management

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How to Install Carpet Tile and Vinyl Planking 19.99 €

Learn how you can save MONEY and have fun doing your own carpentry work yourself. You don't even need to be a handyman!

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Professional Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, and Interview 19.99 €

Your Essential Guide to Resumes, Cover Letters, LinkedIn, and Interview Prep

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High End Photo Retouching Tutorial with Frequency Separation 19.99 €

Learn how to retouch high end pictures using tools like frequency separation, dodge and burn, curve tool, and more

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