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A Force-Free Course for Learning to Trim Dog Nails


In this video, we introduce you to the course and our philosophies.

Professionals are so good at nail trimming that they make it look like a single, easy step! So why does it seem so hard for the rest of us? There are two reasons:1. Practice, practice, practice: They ...

In this lecture, we discuss why DIY nails are so important, even if you currently have someone else who can trim them successfully. You will also learn what a good nail length looks like.

Nail trimming is a process of steps, and the final step (and goal!) is to actually trim the nail. However, becoming proficient at nail trimming will require some practice. In turn, being able to take ...

We discuss which tools are available and the pros and cons of each tool, plus how to prep the tools of interest. The very first step in the process of nail trimming is to choose your tools and supplie ...

Our next step in the process of nail trimming is to choose and then train a position. Choosing a position is relatively easy, but training the position requires breaking down the behavior inti smaller ...

This video shows how you would train a dog to start getting comfortable on a mat.

In this portion of the course, we will show examples of different nail types and then discuss the tactics for how to trim nails for the most efficient outcomes.

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