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Sudoku made Easy

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Learn fun, exciting and engaging ways to solve Sudoku puzzles from Easy to Challenging levels.


An Introduction to Sudoku - How to play and the Rules.

A summary of the skills covered in Section 2. By the end of Section 2 students should be able to tackle Very Easy, Easy and Medium difficulty puzzles.

In this first lecture you will learn the easiest solving technique; the Full House. Used when the puzzle is nearing completion we will go through completing an example puzzle.

In this lecture you will learn about the last digit of a number and how to place it.

In this lecture we will complete the puzzle presented in lecture 6. Download the example from the Rresource section and follow along. Practice puzzles with solutions are also available in the reso ...

In this lecture we'll apply the same technique to find hidden singles in rows and columns.

Learn how to solve a Medium difficulty puzzle using hidden singles.

Learn the basics behind the candidates solving technique.

Learn how to spot Naked Singles.

Learn about the two types of locked candidates.

Learn how to spot Naked Pairs.

Learn how to spot Naked Triples and Hidden Triples.

In this lecture we will go through an example of a hard puzzle using all of the skills we have learned so far.

Learn about the 3D Sudoku variation and try out the practice puzzles.

Learn about the Samurai Sudoku variation.

Learn about Killer Sudoku.

Download and print the Example and follow along as I show you how to solve Killer Sudoku puzzles. Then have a go at the practice puzzles in the resource section.

Learn about the Grand-daddy of Sudoku puzzles - Killer Samurai Sudoku.

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