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Step by Step painting for beginners with Practice demos and project to create a beautiful sunset painting of your own.


Sunset Watercolor for beginners: I've broken the class content into easy, manageable steps even for beginners in watercolors, yet there are techniques for the experienced artist too!We will learn ...

If you are new to Udemy you may find this quick tutorial helpful. I'll discuss Playback issues, where to post Questions, where to find your resources in the lectures, and  how to leave or skip a ...

In this lecture Students will view the materials needed for this class and begin this lecture with a practice demo for mixing and creating a beautiful sky.

How much water do I use? In this lecture we will cover 3 different amounts of water to see the difference it can make with your paintings.

While students wait for the first demo to drive we will learn how to create fluffy little clouds while adding a little more depth of color.

Students will learn to mix colors to make a more traditional sunset using colors of yellow, red, and orange.

In this lecture we will cover how to create a more dramatic looking sky with brush strokes as well as adding in a sun and reflection.

Tree practice: Learn to paint a tree off in the distance, creating more depth in your paintings. Learn to mix the color black and see how to give the illusion of reflections in the water.

In this lecture we will learn how to remove paint from watercolor. We will test and demo a few values of the color black and see the do's and don't of removing your color.

Students will practice how to create very fine branches. Learning how to hold your brush and get a very fine stroke. We will learn to create more layers to create a more natural looking tree.

We will also see how to create layers successfully while creating depth and values in your painting. In this lecture we will create a foreground for our painting. We will continue to add more details ...

Now that students have practiced a few backgrounds and sky options it's time to begin our final project starting with their own color choices. By the end of the lectures students will have a bett ...

Now that the background sky is completely dry we will mix up some black watercolor paint and divide their painting and begin painting the distant islands. Students will have a be able to create some d ...

We will layer a wash for the foreground, working on building that distance in the front of our paintings creating some texture in the front. Getting ready for the final details.

Let's see the difference between black gouache and Ivory Black watercolor paints. Learn to lighten and mix the pigments.

Our final steps using our small brush and tall trees up front. We will also add some birds.

Let's See Your Project - get ready to post your DEMO's and Finished Painting Below!Now let's get started making your gorgeous sunset painting using the tools and tips in class.Best phot ...

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