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Six planning Techniques involved in course like Gantt Bar chart, Mile Stone Chart, CPM, PERT, Precedence Network & LOB


This lecture contains a briefing of this coarse with all chapter's major content.

Explanation of Objectives and Principles of planning with on-site examples.

Here, Different planning in the Construction Projects like Man, Material, Equipment, financial planning are explained with them importance in construction Projects.

Work Breakdown Structure is explained in detail for the construction project with an example of one civil engineering project.

Different Techniques of construction Planning are classified in this section so student can get better idea of different techniques which we are going to discuss in this Coarse.

Gantt Bar chart and Milestone chart technique is explained here in detail with a solved example so that student can solve other examples by themselves.

Here network techniques are introduced and explained in detail about Network.

What are the different Activities and Events involved in the network with animations are explain here by examples.

Understanding and use of dummy activity is an important part of CPM which is explained here in very simple way.

Rules for drawing the Network and different errors in the network are another important part as specially for the students. This section provide a better understanding to the student and helps them to ...

From the given data one example is solved in this section which will be helpful for the students to better understand about network and to solve examples.

CPM explains in this section with the importance of this method in the construction project. Where and how to use this method in construction project also discussed in this video.

Time estimation is an important part of the calculation of project duration. Here different time estimates are explained in detail with an example of one network.

Time estimation is an important part of the calculation of project duration. Here different time estimates are explained in detail with an example of one network.

What is float, What are the different types of floats that are explain here with the example of the project.

PERT technique is explained in detail with an explanation of where to use, how to use, and what are the different time estimates in these techniques are discussed in detail.

An example is solved here with an in-depth explanation and this example covers all the concepts of PERT.

How to convert AOA to the AON network is explained here very nicely. The difference between these two type of networks is better understood by this lecture.

Here this is the longest video of this course as well as very important one. here two different examples are solved with the in-depth calculation which will be 100% helpful for the students in the exa ...

LOB technique is explained here with example and represented on the graph for a better understanding.

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