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Create Artistic Masterpieces through Basic Foundations of Art


Welcome to Module 1! Watch the Introduction video, and then read "The Role of Intuition in Art" and "Intuitive Art". Lastly, take the "Intuition Assessment". Remember that your intuition is the guide ...

Welcome to Module 2! Watch the Introduction video on Principles of Art! 

After you've watched the "Principles of Art Lesson", complete the "Principles of Art Worksheet". The files titled, "Principles of Art" and "More examples of Principles of Art" provide a cheat she ...

Welcome to Module 3! After every video lesson, there is a resource that provides a written explanation/ examples on what was discussed in the videos. After the last video, complete the "Materials Scav ...

After watching the videos in this Module and reading the resources about the different kinds of material, take the "Material Scavenger Hunt"! Have fun!

Welcome to Module 4! Watch the Introduction video .

After watching the "Color Theory Lesson", look through the cheat sheet for understanding color symbolism, "Energies of Various Colors". You can also use the "Cheat Sheet for Color Theory" to review wh ...

Welcome to Module 5! After watching the "Textures and Patterns Introduction", head over to the "Textures in Art Lesson"!

After watching the "Textures in Art Lesson", read the "Types of Patterns" cheat sheet. Lastly, head over to the "Create a Texture or Pattern Worksheet"! Consider what new surfaces and patterns you cou ...

Welcome to Module 6! In this bonus module, I demonstrate how to use PicMonkey and create an image for you in real time! Enjoy!

After watching the screencast, "Using PicMonkey! Let's Create an Image Together", read through, "PicMonkey_ Guide to Textures and Blend Modes" and "Other Graphic Design Techniques". Lastly, compl ...

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