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Unique opportunity to distinguish from other makeup artists, to get additional profession, and expand creative


Facechart as a versatile makeup artist's toolFacechart is your perfect Instagram contentHow make-up artist can earn more using facechartsTools. Overview of brushes, paper and makeup for facechart ...

Basic volumesTechniques for artists in makeupThe ratio of highlights and shadowsHow to show volumes on paper"Photoshop effect" on the facechartDraw shadowsMajor mistakes when drawing skin

Draw eyesDraw eyelashesDraw lipsAnalyze the main mistakes in drawing details on a facechart

Detailed drawing of a facechart with explanations and nuance

Complex techniques of drawing a facechart for further individual imagesRealistic highlights on the facechart

How a make-up artist should competently train makeup on a facechartSecrets of quality Instagram contentColoristic

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