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All the knowledge you need to ditch the system and start livin' a healthy, zero-waste, chemical free life!


This 1.5 hour lecture & slide deck is an introduction to permaculture for those that are new to the term! We cover the philosophy (& principles), sectors, zones, water & soil, social permaculture an ...

Learn to build soil anywhere! Can be layered directly over your grass lawn if you are trying to kill the grass. Can be layered anywhere!!

Make your own dug-in worm bin for in-situ composting! Not mentioned in the video: don't forget to add the worms!

A diverse microbiome is the key to overall physical & mental health. Learn what harms it and what you can do to best support a thriving microbiome.

Every ancestral human population has sustain on animal products. But lots has changed since our ancestors time...in the face of animal abuse and climate change, what is the responsible and ethical way ...

How to ferment dairy into yogurt and collect the whey for various uses. Easy home fermentation!

Learn to ferment all kinds of vegetables using the brine method & the dry-salting method. We go in depth on sauerkraut too!

Ferment your own natural sodas using raw milk whey (see lecture 6) or a ginger bug.

Learn what is really inside our products and why it makes a difference to our personal & planetary health.

Learn to make an all around soap (and shampoo!) base using soapnuts (reetha), shikakai and horse chestnuts.

Learn how to use saponin liquid & bioenzyme to wash dishes, make laundry detergent, surface spray, mopping liquid & more. We also show other strategies to keep home & clothing clean without chemica ...

Learn to make your own shampoo, conditioner & hair gel.

Learn to make toothpowder, how to combine that for a toothpaste & how to 'oil pull'.

HERE NOW: Learn to cleanse facial skin with oil and honey and body skin with scrubs instead of soap. Learn to make a luscious body butter and a super-effective deodorant. CHECK BACK FOR:DIY sugar ...

Learn foundation, bronzer, brow filler, eyelash growth serum, mascara and eyeliner! Check back for cheek stain and lip tint.

NOTE: Since filming this we have improved our technique. Do not finely sift the clay! Leaving small rocks, up to 2-3 cm is great for helping hold the cob together and reduce cracking.Just like you, w ...

A great resource to learn more is the book The Fifth Vital Sign by Lisa Hendrickson-Jack.

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