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The Everyone's Guide to the Best Baked Cheesecake


Hi everyone, and welcome to my kitchen!

I am please to share with you my favourite two recipes for cheesecake. You can downloaded and keep them in your recipes book :)

Everything starts with good foundations: the cookies crust

We go through the actual making of our cheese cake batter.

Here we see what the most iconic NY Cheesecake feature is made of

Here we see hoe to make the mouth-watering Tofee sauce

This is the easiest Fruit compote recipe. You can replace strawberries with other fruit and use it for other toppings.

We see how to prepare an amazing Chocolate Ganache that you might use for thousands other occasions.

It's finally the time to taste our delicious Cheesecake!

We came to the end of our course. Thank you all, please leave a comment or reach me out for any question.

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