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As Outlined book 'The Fragrance of the Mystical Rose: The Revelation of the Out-of-Body Travel Celestial Mysteries.'


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University Coursera

TECH MeD: Transdisciplinary Education for Critical Hacks of Medical Devices Paid Course

This course seeks to create an informed public, aware of the technical, medical, legal, and ethical issues associated with implantable medical devices. The course features conversations with experts f

Business Udemy

High performance Stock Trading using key Options techniques 29.99 €

Important Options trading concepts for all Stock traders wanting to apply simple techniques for high performance trading

Internet Udemy

Marketing for Voice Actors 94.99 €

Get more direct business through social media, email marketing, and cold calling.

How to Udemy

Alcohol ink 39.99 €

Learn alcohol ink bubbles and abstract

Computer science Udemy

Master Sort & Search Algorithms - Learn it Easy with Python 84.99 €

Sorting & Searching Made Easy - Programs manages more and more data and requires faster access - Avoid making mistakes

Computer science Udemy

Fundamentals of Solace Administration FREE

A beginner's guide to Solace PubSub+ messaging

Music Udemy

Senior Citizens Piano for Beginners 199.99 €

Incredibly quick and easy way for Senior Citizens to learn songs on piano WITHOUT needing to read notation

Computer science Udemy

OMRON PLC 1 (CX-Programmer Usage) 19.99 €


Computer science Udemy

Reverse Engineering 6: Reversing .NET with dnSpy 19.99 €

Learn Reverse Engineering and debugging for .NET programs written in C# and VB.NET using dnSpy

Design Udemy

How to Remove the Background from Any Picture the Easy Way 19.99 €

In this easy, hands-on course I will present several 5-minute ways of removing a background in Photoshop

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