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Part III . Beginner's I Ching Wen Wang Gua Divination


Topic to be covered:What is the month branch and day branch that applies in WWG?month-adventday-adventWe used day-void, what about month-void and year-void?What do the voids mean in reading?the genera ...

Topic to be covered:Where do all the voids "can and cannot" be appearing in a hexagram?The ideas of void-filled.How is a hexagram showing the future event that is going to be happening?When the void i ...

Topic to be covered:Why hexagram is accurate but we are still considered as making a fail reading?Void reading in hexagram (case study).Checklist before you do the reading.

Topic to be covered:proper m.e regarding the goods.How should we investigate a question background before we do the setting and deciphering?Why you shouldn't do the reading mechanically?Why your ...

Topic to be covered:What are the six-guardians?The images of six celestial animalsWhere is six-guardians derived from?Some misunderstanding about the celestial animalsImaging remedies:the six celestia ...

Topic to be covered:six-guardians in colour imagessix-guardians in personality imagescommon images (general setting) of six-guardiansThe common mistake when reading the images of six-guardiansThe hexa ...

Topic to be covered:How we find the hidden-spiritsHow other diviners (ancient diviner) find the hidden-spirit2 main different ways of finding the hidden-spiritThe faulty system of a classical WWG (the ...

Topic to be covered:How to consider a hidden-spirit as a valid element that able to interact with the lines in hexagram?The very rare summary (hidden & flying conditions) that you could find out in an ...

Topic to be covered:The 3 foundation logic framework of lines (yao).The conditions of a fly-out hidden-spirit.The 4 kinds (conditions) of hidden and flying relationships.Line prosperity is another lay ...

Topic to be covered:Can a hidden-spirit that stay on a static-line consider as useful?Some special conditions of hidden-spirit (some rules that not appear in ancient WWG)What is transformed-hidden-spi ...

Topic to be covered:12 palaces don't really exist in the original (theory wise) framework, it is a made theory.the original design ideas of the 12 palaces.12 palaces and time (how things growth)1 ...

Topic to be covered:The explanation of 4 phases (out of 12 growth phases that we used)How is the energy gets cycle in Chinese metaphysics perspectiveThe meaning of birth-phasesThe meaning of blossomin ...

Topic to be covered:The 3 main concepts of birth-phase.3 sayings about earth-element in 12 growth-phase.water & earth sharing birth-phasefire & earth sharing birth-phaseno birth-phase for the earth-el ...

Topic to be covered:The 4 main steps to complete a hexagram readingThe 5 main points you need to explain from a hexagramDoes it have to follow I Ching original (fixed) images during the reading?The lo ...

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