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Your complete DIY guide to learn the art of creative, stylish and authentic dressing with a detailed 5 step approach


Welcome to the course! In this lecture, you can expect to learn what personal style means and start the first step to do a comprehensive personal style analysis

In this video, we continue with the personal style analysis by completing a thorough image profiling

This is the climax video for module 1. Here you finally discover your personal style by learning the types of personal styles. By the end of this module, you would be able to know your dominant and su ...

In this video, we kick start the process of a wardrobe audit by categorising our wardrobe into three distinct categories

In this lecture, we start learning about colours and their impact on our dressing and eventually our image. We start with the first characteristic of colours.

In this module, we learn the technique to identify our personal skin colour which greatly helps in selecting the right colour clothes

In this lecture, you will learn about the contrasts in your skin tone and discover your exact personal colour name. You will also learn how to make more informed dressing choices in order to perfectly ...

In this lecture, we start understanding the broad categories of body shape by looking at each body type individually along with detailed clothing recommendations for each body type

In this lecture, the students will get introduced to the concept of clustering as a successful technique to multiply creative looks in their wardrobe. This lecture like most of this course, is full of ...

This lecture is an extension to the art of clustering and the 5 step process to building a brand new wardrobe with your existing clothes

As promised, here is a sneak peek into the 5 step clustering process applied on a real client's wardrobe

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