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By Naomi Findlay PhD


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Spare time Coursera

Music Production Capstone Paid Course

After successfully completing the three prior courses of the Music Production Specialization, this capstone experience is your chance to use your talent and accumulated knowledge to create and submit

Music Udemy 119 views

How To Produce Classic Italian Piano House in Ableton 10 19.99 €

in depth course blending Italian Dream House with Balearic & Progressive House

Software Udemy 391 views

SAP Simplified for Absolute Beginners 69.99 €

Easy to follow Introduction into SAP ERP

Design Udemy

Master Image tracing with Adobe Illustrator 24.99 €

Add more creativity to your Illustration with Image tracing in Adobe Illustrator

Design Udemy

Blender Materials Series 1.1 84.99 €

The first step towards expert material application using blender

How to Udemy

Authentic Assertiveness: Next level communication skills. 84.99 €

Increase your social skills and assertive communication, while you reduce your stress, fears, and other mental blocks.

Design Udemy 192 views

Intro to Maya 3D Animation for Beginners 84.99 €

Introduction to Autodesk Maya! Learn modeling, animation, rigging, texturing, materials, rendering, lighting & dynamics

Spare time Udemy

Tropical Fruit Series: WATERMELONS [course 1] in Watercolor 29.99 €

Paint cute fruit postcards while practicing main watercolor techniques.

Computer science Udemy

Dagger Hilt Dependency Injection Masterclass 84.99 €

Master the skill of dependency injection with dagger hilt

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