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The perfect course to learn how to make frostings of all flavors. Great for bakers and cake decorators!


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Get prepared to make frostings!  A basic list of tools required to complete all of the techniques in this course (.pdf download available).

A brief description on choosing ingredients suitable for use in frostings.

An introduction to the term Mise en Place and a description of its purpose.

Glazes are simple and fast to create!  Learn their fundamentals and storage.

The easiest frosting there is.  Make a quick glaze in just a few minutes for a sweet topping on coffee or loaf cakes.

For a glossy finish on cookies and cakes, put together a simple shiny glaze.

Learn about different types of cream to give you the best topping.  Also discover flavor possibilities and uses.

Just a quick description on identifying the stages of whipped peaks.

The techniques for a basic whipped cream perfect as a fresh topping on desserts.

Learn how to add gelatin to whipped cream, giving it a longer shelf life and the ability to be piped.

Learn the simplicity of royal icing as well as what it's commonly used for.

Make a stable and long lasting royal icing, perfect for delicate piping.

Learn the traditional method of making royal icing.

Learn about the different types of chocolate and how they effect the final outcome, as well as the versatility of ganache.

Prepare a rich, dark chocolate ganache that is great as a smooth finish for cakes.

Explore creative combinations with milk chocolate.  Beer is an interesting compliment and a great addition to party cakes.

Once you learn the basic ratios for preparing ganache, you can really begin to create your own recipes!

Turn any ganache into a fluffy frosting or filling!

A quick introduction to buttercream, including its ideal uses and general characteristics.

In this lesson you will learn what makes American Buttercream different from all of the others.

Learn how to make a sweet and smooth American Buttercream...so simple and delicious!

American Buttercream is so simple to flavor!  Learn how to add cocoa and fruit flavor to really make your cakes interesting.

Crusting Buttercream is great when you need a snow white frosting or need a more stable cake topping.

Incredibly easy to make and very shelf stable, crusting buttercream is a must-have recipe.

Cream cheese frosting is a classic American favorite.  Learn some important considerations for making this type of frosting.

In this lesson, you will learn how to prepare a basic cream cheese buttercream perfect for frosting and simple piped decorations.

Add delicious flavors and extra treats to this buttercream for decadent variations. 

Start cooking with this Swiss Meringue Buttercream!  This type has a unique silky texture that makes it a professional baker's favorite.

Learn how to pasteurize egg whites and whip up an incredibly tasty buttercream!

The meringue buttercreams are the most versatile when it comes to adding flavor.  Get creative and don't be afraid to try something new!

An introduction to Italian Meringue Buttercream, the most stable of the butter-based frostings.

In this lesson you will learn how to make a sugar syrup and Italian meringue as a base for this fluffy buttercream.

This lesson demonstrates how to add melted chocolate to buttercream, using the Italian meringue buttercream as an example.

Take a trip into the past with this section on fun and delicious old-timey cooked frostings!

This marshmallow fluff-like frosting is always a hit for birthday and dinner parties!

You already know how to make Swiss meringue buttercream, so this frosting will be a breeze!

Before red velvet cake was slathered with cream cheese frosting, Ermine was the star of the show.

Learn how to make a basic flour and milk custard as the foundation for this rich frosting.

An old fashioned, rich chocolate glaze made for coating sheet cakes or slab brownies.

This recipe is really simple to make and creates a beautiful, shiny chocolate coating.

An introduction to this section on sugar pastes.  Learn why you would need to know how to make them from scratch.

A classic paste with a distinctive almond flavor, use marzipan to make edible fruits or add a layer of flavor to your cakes.

Learn how to quickly and easily put together a batch of home-made marzipan.

Why buy modeling chocolate when it's so easy to make on your own?  Learn how to use it and how to store it in this lesson.

Learn how to make white modeling chocolate in this lesson, which is great as a base for adding color.

Marshmallow fondant is yummy, easy to make, and inexpensive.  This lesson goes over some key characteristics of rolled fondant.

This lesson will teach you how to knead just a few ingredients into a pliable dough.

Gum paste is wonderful to make intricate and delicate decorations for cakes, cupcakes, and other elaborate desserts.

Making gum paste from scratch is a breeze and you can store it for long periods of time.  Make your own at home to keep around whenever you need it for a project.

Thank you for enrolling in this course and I hope you gained a lot of knowledge from it!  

This guide will give you all of the important information about frostings in one place.