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You won't visit a hairdresser again! Cut, dye (naturally) and style your hair (WITOHUT HEAT) yourself at home.


This is the introduction, where you see some of the things we are learning during the course. Also I mentioned my instagram, you can follow me here: https://www.instagram.com/lilacsu

This is probably the most important lesson of the course. Here you will learn how to take proper care of your hair. We will talk about haircuts, heat tools, wash frequency, hair dyes, oil treatments, ...

Maybe lots of you think that cutting your own hair is difficult but in this lesson you will find that it's not. I show you how I cut my own hair in my signature style (one of the main reasons peo ...

As we all know heat tools are one of the most damaging things we can use in our hair. Have you dreamed of a super beautiful, shiny, silky, straight hair but you didn't want to damage your hair? T ...

Who doesn't love a beautiful, shiny, volominous, curly hair? You like how your hair looks after curling it with a curling iron or a hair straightener but you don't want to damage your hair ...

I hope you really enjoyed this course as much as I enjoyed filming it. Don't forget to follow all of my tips and myself on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/li

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