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From complete novice to expert knitter in two simple projects - A scarf and gloves


Welcome to the course! Here is a brief introduction about me and the course with sample footage of the course itself. I hope it makes you want to learn to knit with me.

A walk through the glove pattern with explanations of the abbreviations. The pattern is available to download in this lesson

How to create a slipknot

Casting on using the thumb method

Knit 2 Purl 2 rib. This is the pattern for our scarf.

A Walk through the glove pattern. This lesson is an in depth explanation of the glove pattern abbreviations and techniques. The pattern is available to download in this lesson

Increase or make stitches

Casting on stitches in the middle of a row

Pick up the cast on stitches created in the previous lesson

Sewing up the garment

How to pick up dropped stitches

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