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Create three fun pictures. Create a cake collage, paint a unicorn ice-cream, and draw a pixie house.


If you know someone who will be shortly celebrating a special occasion then why not make them a fun cake picture using any colourful papers you have at home. They will love it!What you will needPencil ...

Follow the video for an introduction to the lesson.What you will needPencilEraserVariety of paint colours (watered down if too thick)Palette, saucer, or paper plate for paintsWhite paper and masking t ...

Draw along with me! We'll draw and paint this ice cream that looks very much like a cute unicorn!

Watch the introduction video to see what we are going to draw.What you will needPencilEraserFelt tip pensWhite paper and masking tapeFine black pen/felt tip

Create your very own cute little house. Perfect for pixies and fairies to live in.