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Easily Make a 3D Pipe Coral Acrylic Painting and Save Paint


Introduction to what you will get out of this course and overview of the course contents.

Why the course will help students, and what they’ll get out of it once they’ve completed it.

This is about Who I am: my experience, why I'm teaching this class, and why I'm the best instructor for you.

If you're in the USA, learn where to get the thick paint cheaper than in the stores, and see some paint price and size comparisons. If you live outside the USA, you can still learn of some ideas ...

Short comparison of cheaper thick paint to get in larger quantities than what is sold in the craft stores.

This is a paint chart for Nova Color's paint colors that are more accurate than on their website... from carefully photographing, scanning, comparing product by eye, and Photoshopping to turn ...

Learn how to make a pipe coral super easy in a quick overview.

This is an enlightening new way to show acrylic painters how they can use the old paint from their palette and not let it go to waste to make these pipe corals.

If you haven't built up a paintskin before, learn a fast way to get the acrylic skin without having to wait to add up each dried layer.

Here is the mixing formula for each ingredient that will make one sheet, and tells how many pipe corals that sheet makes.

Why just the gritty Gel alone won't work.

You will know what a paintskin is now and how to ingeniously use dried paint instead of wasting it, some uses for a painstkin, and how to make a new paintskin if you don't have any previous pa ...

Using this method you can get cone shapes fast and right the first time.

After watching this video, you will know what archival glue to use in your fine art painting to hold these pipe corals together easy. Also learn the easiest trick to holding the glue together. ...

This is the cool part that adds texture as well as covers the pipe seams. You will know how to dry them in an artistic way without flattening any side.

You now know an easy way to cut the pipe coral shapes and what shape to avoid. After this section, you will know a few different ways of gluing the pipes together, how to make the pipes form a styl ...

See how the heart of appealing interest in this piece is from arranging shapes and the process. Know what looks good and how to make it artistic looking.

See how you can get creative with cutting pieces to make wide pipe coral shapes.

This is the secret to making the painting just jaw-dropping. Learn how to make all pipe corals visible to the eye.

See how you can use up scraps for adding sculpture shape to the pipe coral.

This is an extra added in to show how drying looks without color added to the paintskins and the forms that are shaped from what you rest the pipes on. As I went about making this painting, I ha ...

This section teaches how to arrange shapes to be appealing, seen from most every angle, and how to use your scraps to build neat pipe coral forms.

Overview of when to paint the background and pipe corals and their advantage each, how to get the texture, and easy approach to painting the whole background.

See how to get the dreamy background that everyone loves and thinks that is what makes it look like a city of corals. See also, an easy way to get the background texture.

Learn an easy order to painting the pearl colors on the pipes, and picking the best side of the pipe to paint on. See my secret bottle for holding back paint that wants to gush out of jars that are ...

Find out this dreamy technique and tool to blending breathtaking tops of pipe corals where the highlighting just makes it stand out and mesmerize viewers.

Here, you will place the pipe corals in a pleasing manner and know how to adhere them to the canvas surface.

Bigger, heavier pipes fall over without support. See what happens and what to do about it.

After this section, you will know what paint colors were used, how to paint the colors on, know the powerful tool that will highlight the pipe tops in their blended manner and what technique to us ...

Learn what varnishing does and why important.

Learn how to varnish a 3-dimensional painting easy.

Learn how to varnish a 3D painting. It is fairly simple with a few tips to leave your painting protected from elements and have a nice sheen.

If you're ever stuck on ideas, have no clue what a pipe coral looks like in real life, or need direction on what colors to choose, use this one tool for endless eye-opening options.

If you're ever stuck on ideas, have no clue what a pipe coral looks like in real life, or need direction on what colors to choose, use this one tool for endless eye-opening options.

You now know this tool to use that will give you endless ideas and reference pictures to where there is no way to have artist's block.

Think these thicker paints are too expensive? Here's a cheaper solution and smaller painting to try to see if you like it.

Tips on painting a background to compliment the foreground subject matter, picking a quality canvas, and how to avoid lint, get an even application, avoid streaks, a dry line.

Learn new cutting procedure for smaller pipe corals, going with pleasant odd shapes that appear, and working with tiny shapes to hold them easier.

Learn how to make your own textured gels to be grittier than any in the store, and save unused paint as well.

Going over highlighting top rings & dry-brushing them with a new color now, adding shimmer, fixing problem pieces, and adding the background texture.

Learn to make the background color stand out, glue the chunky texture on the pipes, find a complementary color to get rid of too much orange, add some shimmering wow factor, and varnishing.

Some have taken some interest in wanting to know how to recycle your acrylic paint water. Here's a "Paint Water Saver" bucket idea to try.

Download the direct links of where to get everything.

Here is a picture of the paints used in the sample pipe coral painting.

Continue ways to learn thicker painting with these resources and discoveries.

Here's a list of USA art stores with physical locations where I have found their secret website link to get close to half off supplies for the current date. You can print these coupons out or ...

With all that you learned, now start here to take the first step of action to making your amazing pipe coral painting, easy.

Congratulations & Bonus "Behind the Scenes" on how to get amazing footage for your pipe coral Display

Review what was covered, discussion area, and providing feedback.

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