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A step-by-step beginner’s course for tracing your UK ancestry and genealogy online, using professional family history re


In order to get you started, here are some reasons for tracing your ancestors, followed by a video to get you thinking about your own reasons and goals in your search for your ancestors.

How to prepare for your research by gathering any information you can from your family. (BTW - the checklist I mention towards the end is in the attached pdf)

Some examples of how photographs can spark off research, as well as enhance it.  (Spot the mistake!  When I say 'my grandfather had no brothers' - I mean, of course, my grandmother!)

I discuss how to start charting your family history, creating trees and pedigree charts.The website I mention in this session is My History - and the website is https://www.my-history.co.uk/ (not myhi ...

Have a go at creating your own family history charts, using what you already know, or have learned over the past few days about your own family. 

A Brief History of Civil RegistrationIt is always important to understand the sources we use so that we use them effectively and with insight.  This article gives you a brief explanation of when Civi ...

Watch me order a certificate from the GRO.  Please note that the GRO website has changed since I made this video, so the pages might look slightly different, but the process is basically the same, so ...

Here I go through a birth, marriage and death certificate in detail, to help you get as much information as possible out of each record.  These records are provided by the General Register Office und ...

Watch me search for baptisms and then a marriage (and spot the deliberate mistake ;)) - when I mention 'mother' at 7.02, I, of course, mean 'wife'!

Some of the further resources you can use after you've done the basic steps.  See also my course on Researching Wills and Probate Records: https://www.udemy.com/course/researching ...

A short bonus lecture about county parish register websites.  The link I mention in the lecture is: www.ukbmd.org.uk/online_parish_clerk

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