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Take control of your weight once and for all. This is not theory but the facts from real world experience.


By using this course you agree to the release of liability.

A brief introduction about me and about the content to come.

During this section the student will understand How to go through course A brief over view of the game plan The materials needed How to get results

After completing this section you will be able to get started on your weight loss and weight management journey immediately.

52 Tips and ideas for you for weight management and weight loss.

10 Mistakes we make trying to lose fat

An outline of what will happen and how to go through the course

The student will recognize the need for goals and a tenacity to overcome challenges.

The student will understand how important this can be especially when the obstacles get challenging.

A vision board can be done online or in person. I have done both and find that ones you do with poster board and actual magazine pictures seem to be more influential. A vision board should contain ...

After this lesson the student should understand the importance of accountability. This is one of the main reasons for failure or success in weight management.

The student will learn what to do for support and what to do when others do not support them. They will learn who often times hold people back and how to combat it.

The student will identify the difference between psychology and physiology of weight management. The will decipher how these two things can hold someone back but learn how to overcome these barriers. ...

The student will understand that weight loss is not always the answer especially if they are healthy.

The amount of exercise is far less important versus how we exercise.

The student will understand why metabolic training can be the most superior type of training there is.

They student will learn the pitfalls of excessive aerobic exercise.

A basic explanation of the macronutrients.

The learning objective will be to understand we need food and food should not be feared. A short but common sense approach to what food is for.

The student will understand why fad dieting, and eating to little or to much are both problems.

A simple approach to eating healthy and for weight management. The student can now approach food for what it is meant for to give us energy and vitality.

The student will be able to implement the five r words in their lives. They will comprehend the importance of these words for weight management.

Ways to lower stress and ultimately be able to lose weight and keep it off.

"The only failure is giving up" If the plan is good and you "Never Give Up" results will follow.

The student will understand the instructor wants results for them and wants them to follow through. They should be empowered to lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

Putting it all together giving the student "The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan" that they created with the help of a mentor. Making sure they have the knowledge and tenacity to change behaviors ...

This is a general outline of the entire course that can be printed. It can serve as a reference guide for the course.

You will be able to understand my background and how to prepare for the course the outline and introduction to each lecture the disclaimer and the informed consent with using the course

Power point section of the entire program

Final section power point of entire program

An example weight loss plan for a fictional male. Reminder your plan will be different based on many variables.

A male weight loss example program

Easy exercises for almost anyone to get started. Remember walking can be another form that anyone can start out with.

This is one of my clients giving a testimonial for my Baby Boomer and Retiree Program

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