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Learn how to create the perfect contour for any facial features


Face shapes and face proportionsIn this video, we will teach you the difference between face proportions and face shapes. Learnt how you can measure and identify your own feature or your client's ...

I am now looking at how to correct the eyebrow line and place my contour using parallel lines.For example:A round face with a large forehead: I will try to give more length to this face shape and mini ...

Choosing the right colour is extremely important when it comes to contour, avoid using any colour which is red based but prefer a shade slightly blue based (cold). A cool shade will mimic the natural ...

Now that you have contoured the face, you can apply the same technique to the eyes.Using cream products will help you keeping precision in your makeup. You can decide to blend the lines or keep them v ...

In this video, you will see how we can quickly enhance a full look created with cream pigments using eyeshadows and blushes.Creating the base using cream pigments creates a perfect blending and templa ...

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