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Learn to play openings like a grandmaster


Here you will learn the three main pillars of playing the opening and one crucial detail about them.

Why fight for the center? How to fight for the center?

How do you need to develop your pieces? What are the good squares for your pieces? What are the bad squares for your pieces?

Why do you need to castle? When do you need to do it?

We will discuss the famous game McDonnell - De Labourdonnais and learn what could happen if one loses control over the center

We will discuss relatively famous game Morphy - Hart and learn what could happen if one does not develop pieces quickly

Rubinstein's immortal game! What can happen if you play world class GM and do not develop pieces fast

Paul Morphy's perfect victory! How to act when your opponent did not castle in time

Masterpiece by the first World chess Champion! Black just needed one more move...

Modern example by Ding Liren (one of current TOP players). How do you punish your opponent's inability to castle

Masterpiece by the World Champion (Spassky). One of the best players of the time (Larsen) is being demolished by the World Champion. Larsen should have followed the rules of playing the openings!

Here I am talking about almost all the openings. You can learn my opinion about dangers and benefits of playing the most typical lines.

Complete opening repertoire for white with 1.e4! All the lines are easy to understand and follow all the rules explained in the course

Complete opening repertoire for black! All the lines are easy to understand and follow all the rules explained in the course.Homework and solutions are attached.

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