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Turn all those practice pieces & experiments into cards to send. Impress your friends, spend less & maybe make a bit.


Please do this lecture, it could save you a lot of time and frustration. PLEASE NOTE. 1 Each lecture will have a description and either a video or an article as content. 2 After the content there ...

Cut and tear Apart from scissors and knifes can buy scissors which will give you a decorative edge, these can be fun for deckle or zigzag. Also tearing paper can give you an interesting edge. NB Ne ...

Putting it all together. A short video to show you some fixings.

It happens ! We all have the odd disaster, including me. Never put unfinished or unsuccessful paintings in the bin. You never know when they might come in useful for inspiration or to use in some oth ...

Get two cards from one painting.Here I'll show you away of cutting up a painting and making the most of presenting it in two different greeting cardsRESOURCEPhoto of the cards

This is a great way to use up background samples and large painted experiments. Cut the strips what ever width you like and me imaginative with your weaving.Attached are two example of cards using a ...

Combine the weave with another painting.Here I have used both a painting and a woven painting piece to make a card

Utilising the aperture in a card with a painting.If you are using this type of card it wise to think about how you are going to make the most of the painting. here is one way.RESOURCESThe photo of the ...

The same but different.Here I show you how you can combine two different painting with the same subject. A very idea and I used a piece of ribbon to add interest.RESOURCEPhoto of the finished card.

A brief explanations of how I cut up this small painting and created three cards.RESOURCEA photo the the three cards.

Another example of how to divide a painting Another example that will show you how to incorporate some embossed greeting messages. RESOURCE Photo of the finished cards.

Just an ideas for something a bit glittery. Copy this or use it as inspiration for another design.

Things you find or are given can come in useful. It might be a feather you find on a walk, a piece of wrapping paper or ribbon with gift. An envelope or stamp or something in a magazine. If it gra ...

Adding non - paper embellishments.Collect detachable trimmings from cards you receive as well as using the paper or card cuttings. You can also buy some embellishments if you wish. Just be mindful of ...

Getting round a 'bad patch'Maybe the painting has a damaged corner, or you cut a bit out on the other side and you have ended up with a funny shape. Here is an idea to get round that.RESOURC ...

Text stamps can add a lot to your cards You don't need a lot, just select some greetings or phrases which you think will be useful and use them either with a coloured ink pad or with that and th ...

Stamp the phrase then paint around it. As you saw in the previous lecture using text stamps can be fun and add interest. You may want to practice the 'painting bit' first so that you go int ...

Calligraphy or free hand. If you do know some calligraphy all well and good, but if not use a different styles of handwriting. Don't forget you can also use you home printer for creating message ...

It just takes a bit of practise and this short video shows you how to start.

Some suggestions to give your creations all the credit they deserve.You may now that you can cut up some less successful paintings, recycles wrapping paper, ribbons and stamps and added bought bits of ...

Selling you cards.If you start selling your cards, lining the inside of the envelope can really raise the overall standard and enable you to charge more. It isn't difficult and can use up a varie ...

Extra resources from me to you as advised by the clever people at Udemy. Enjoy your painting, thanks Nicola

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