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Social Perception & Dress


Students will be introduced to the psychology of fashion with a focus on social perception and dress. They will learn about the resources used for the course, and the materials they will need.

Students will have a basic understanding of the guiding principles of the psychology of dress.

Students will gain an understanding of how social perception, an area of social cognition, helps us to focus on salient cues in clothing.

Students will have knowledge of the ways the social perception process impacts how we make judgements, inferences, and expect behaviors based on clothing.

Student will be able to identify aspects of the wearer, perceiver, and context that affect the social perception process.

Students will understand the negotiation process that occurs between the perceiver and wearer within a particular context.

Students will understand the concepts of schemas and implicit personality theory, and learn ways to use clothing to create their personal brand schemas.

Students will use what they learned about social perception and dress to create three outfits around one piece of clothing. Each outfit will communicate a message unique to the wearer using a dress cu ...