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Learn to cook delicious vegan & vegetarian recipes and how to improve your health with practices from the yogic diet


A very warm welcome and I'm so excited you're here! I have poured my heart and soul, and lots of coconut milk into this course to support you on your journey to healthier and more joyful liv ...

It's so lovely to meet you! ?

A brief look ahead at what we will study together

Learn the top five reasons to switch to a plant-based diet and gain motivation to start the transition. If you're already a vegan or vegetarian, listen for new statistics and health information t ...

This lesson includes information about the differences between a vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian. After this section, you will be familiar with these terms and will feel empowered to make your own p ...

For a fun break from statistics, let's look at some famous people who are vegan/vegetarian. After this lesson, you will be able to identify some celebrities and famous people from history who cho ...

But what do you eat?! This and "the protein" topic are some of the main questions about switching to plant-based foods. After this lecture, you will feel confident in the options available for this li ...

Why sit through a lecture when you can play a game?! Let's break down the nutrients in a plant-based diet in a fast and fun game. You will learn vegan foods that have high calcium, iron and prote ...

This lesson includes the two best ways to transition to a plant-based diet, a little about my personal experience and how many times per week health organizations recommend you eat meat if you aren� ...

Plant-based cooking and shopping doesn't have to be complicated. Find out the best things to stock in your kitchen and the easiest way to think about veg meals to save time.

We've looked through the lens of nutrition, statistics, facts and figures - now let's discover the deeper dimensions of our connection to food and how it affects our well being. The yogis ha ...

Getting out of our minds and into our bodies is a major part of the yogic diet. Discover what you can do to tap into this intelligence to improve your diet and health.

Here we learn why 'how' you eat is just as important as 'what' you eat with practices you can adopt from yogic science.

I know it's a cooking course - but let's talk about poo! Digestion is everything when it comes to your health. Here are 6 tips to improve your habits to enjoy better digestion.

An introduction to the holistic health practices of the east, that millions of people have used to cure everything from chronic ailments to serious diseases.

We look at the core principles of the yogic diet called the 3 Guns, which give us a new lens to look at food and its affects on the body and mind. With this understanding, you will make better choices ...

In this lesson you will learn what makes Phad Thai so tasty and where you can get the ingredients.

No that you have the ingredients down, the next step is to prepare the rice noodles before we cook.

Phad Thai is all in the sauce. The trick to making the best is balancing the four elements. Walk step-by-step through blending all the ingredients and develop your taste.

Now we have the noodles and sauce - let's add in the rest and give it a taste!

Biryani is a great way to use leftover rice that is sure to please! It's a rice-spice party so get ready to bring out all the spices you have in the cabinet - but it's much easier than it l ...

We look at the easiest way to make rice and a few tips for the optimum consistency.

How do we blend all that spice? After this lesson you'll have the best techniques to make this colorful,  flavorful and healthy delight - your family and friends will wonder how you did it!

Here we look at the four elements of Thai cooking and the blend of ingredients that makes this curry so incredibly delicious.

Curry is more simple than it seems if you follow these techniques. Never pay oodles of money going out to eat Thai again - your friends will beg you to make this all the time!

You can eat falafel in a wrap or pita, but I love mine with couscous - the go to grain when you're tight on time and leftovers go great in salad - here is couscous in less than two minutes.

Falafel is such a treat and it's not as difficult as you may think! It doesn't just taste incredible - learn what's inside that makes it packed full of protein, fiber and nutrients, lea ...

Grab your food processor and decide if you want balls, patties or maybe hearts - let's make the winning falafel mix!

Bake or fry - that is the question! Here we look at two cooking techniques with different health benefits and cook up some tasty veggies to round off our falafel and couscous.

The moment of truth - how does it taste? We use the sauces from below to bring this meal to the next level and bind all the flavors together for a party in your mouth.

Tahini sauce is an incredible addition to just about anything - it's high in protein and tastes divine! Learn how to make dreamy tahini sauce and maximize your time to make it for the week.

Ever since I visited Greece I fell in love with Tzatziki and in India, Raita. Yogurt-based sauces are quick to make and go great with meals, salads or with raw veggies - let's cook!

Let's look at the ingredients for my favorite incredibly healthy and delicious salad adapted from the Isha Yoga Foundation.

This lesson includes a step-by-step cooking tutorial of how to make Tropical Carrot salad.

Another Isha Yoga Foundation favorite - Spinach fruit salad - discover the freshest combination of ingredients that makes this salad a hit.

Toss in the ingredients and whipping up the dressing takes just minutes - watch and learn the blend here.

Hummus is a wonderful and tasty plant-based snack, but be warned - it doesn't stick around long! Here we look at the ingredients.

This lesson includes a step-by-step walk through of how to make hummus, and how to save money by making your own tahini!

Learn the ingredients to make tasty vegan cookies - so healthy you can even eat them for breakfast!

Rollin', rollin', rollin', get your dough a rollin' - here we prepare the cookies for the oven, bake at the right temperature and taste the results.

How to bake the cookies to perfection and see how they taste.

Learn what goes into the quickest and tastiest Thai dessert that's so healthy you can eat it for breakfast. It sounds simple but you will be surprised by your family's reaction - so simple b ...

The simple techniques and tips to pull off this soothing dish.

I've tried hot chocolate all over the world and after trying countless recipes, I stumbled upon the magical blend which is unlike any cocoa you've ever tasted.

Hot cocoa sounds simple but using these spices - the best from around the world - adds an extra richness and takes your taste buds on a trip that will leave your friends and family wondering if you� ...

Learn the ingredients for this healing tonic and why it's so incredible for the body - not to mention incredibly delicious!

Just a few spices in the cabinet? No problem. I'll tell you the minimum ingredients you need to get all the health benefit and an optional yummy ingredient.

Congratulations on completing the course! It's  been an honor to share and learn with you.  You can download the complete course guide below and sign up for course announcements to learn about ...

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