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Learn how to create a professional voice recording in the space of a few hours without having a recording studio.


You will find out what equipment to purchase, and how to use it all.

All the theoretical elements you need to know in order to create a professional voice recording. Your time is precious, so we will focus only on the necessities. Pareto would be thrilled!

You will learn how to prepare your equipment for the recording.

You will create your first professional recording.

The recording alone is not enough. You still have to edit your voice. If you use Logic Pro, check out my sample project attached!

The final step lets you generate your final audio file in different formats, such as mp3 or high-resolution WAV files for your cinematic or video sounds.

If and when you are sure you have developed a very good ear for editing, you can save a lot of time during cutting and cleaning (cuts & fades) by choosing a "hard" noisegate threshold setting.

If you want to make a video showing you in the picture without a big microphone and a pop-filter in front of your face, let me show you by far the best solution I've found through much experiment ...

Thanks to the extremely adverse circumstances for voice recordings that I encountered during a trip to Tenerife, I can now add some practical advice for this situation.

The english version of my imagefilm. You will learn, what I´m doing.

The german (original) version of my imagefilm. You will learn, what I´m doing if you understand german! ;-) Otherwise - just watch the english version!

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