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How to launch and grow a profitable dog walking business


Welcome to the 'Walk Yourself Wealthy - How to launch and grow a profitable dog walking business'. This is the introduction module and here you will learn if you want to have a successful ...

The biggest mistake most new pet businesses make is they charge the same (or less) than all the other dog walkers in their town. But charging less than everyone else often means you attract the cheap ...

A really easy way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to 'Be Specialised' with your dog walking business. There are lots of ways you can do this, from niching down and only wa ...

No matter what industry you are in, if you are an expert you are paid more money and there is more demand for your services. And if you are an 'expert dog walker' then there will be more de ...

As a small business owner you can't afford to even try and market your business the way that 'Coca Cola' 'Walmart' or 'Budwieser' market theirs. But you can use you ...

Is it possible for you to make your dog walking business more desirable so that potential customers are literally begging you to be able to use your services? The answer is yes and in this module Do ...

This is the course summary and Dom recaps the five marketing strategies you need to know to grow your dog walking business. In the downloadable material below you can also download the introduction c ...

This is the bonus module where you can find out how to learn more from Dom Hodgson., the UK's leading pet business coach

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