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We paint with watercolor! Seascape - waves, sea foam, splashes ... clouds and rays of the light!


Lets learn how to paint with watercolor! Seascape - waves, sea foam, splashes ... clouds and rays of the light! We mix different watercolor techniques to create a beautiful landscape! Also, we paint a ...

Please, let me know if you want to see your painting in this beautiful gallery!Heartfelt THANKS to all my students, who shared this amazing paintings!

Here you can see all brushes you may need for this tutorial! Important to remember - shapes is more important then numbers.SHAPE: each shape of brush have own, specific type of brushstroke, so if you ...

Best choice for this tutorial is the same size and type of the surface as I used. You can choose another paper, but be sure its good quality!Watercolor have to be professional grade.

Please, use traceable for this lesson! Traceable making painting process easier and faster and will help you to concentrate all your attention on watercolor techniques learning! Please, download this ...

Please download traceable, print it on print paper. Watch this short tutorial to learn how to transfer traceable on good quality watercolor paper!

Be sure you print traceable from Lecture 3 and transferred it the watercolor paper before we will use watercolor! You also can create sketch by your self! Traceable from Lecture 3 making painting proc ...

Lets continue this painting! here you will learn how to use dry brush technique for waves.

How to open watercolor box and create swatches of shades!

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