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Learn the secrets to starting your own Watercolor Painting.


Hello everyone I'm your instructor Sharon Elliott and here's just a little about my background

Lets learn what Watercolor Painting is all about.

We will dive into all the different types of brushes and whats worth buying and which ones you should avoid.

So many different options for choosing your paint. Lets take a closer look at which colors and brands to buy.

In this video we will discuss the different types of paper to use and when to use it.

So you've got a photo you want to pain but its a different size than your canvas. Let me show you a couple tricks to take your small source photo and transfer it to any size you want.

Time to put that paint on the paper. Lets learn what brush strokes you will be using to create your masterpiece.

Watch me start one of my own paintings and see how I combine everything we have learned so far.

This is a short video showing one of the galleries that my Carvings and Watercolor Paintings are in.

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