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Step-by-step guidance, top tips to create your own beautiful bird art with watercolour; beginners, intermediate, artists


This video tutorial will emulate the experience of painting right alongside me as I will walk you through the creation of painting a gorgeous little Kingfisher from start to finish, using my favourite ...

Apply masking fluid to preserve white paper, using different tools for various marks and shapes. Lift off dry paint; Add White Gouache; Lift off wet paint with a dabber; Wet-on-Wet;

Create feather textures. Blending & softening technique; Wet-on-dry technique; Apply a first wash; Bleed colours into each other;

Paint a bird eye. Use different colours to add interest to the eye. Add another layer of paint to the beak to increase depth, colour and tone. Lift wet paint off using a brush. Use a rigger brush for ...

Blend colours on the paper instead of the palette. Apply a ‘glaze’. Understand what complimentary colours are and how they add vibrancy. Correct mistakes with opaque paint. Paint shadows in the fe ...

Understand the need for some harmony in a painting. Create bark texture for the branch. Consider different background options including no background at all. Paint a full and simple background.