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You will learn how to select a composition from a large view, how to plan, sketch and paint outside. I've made it easy.


Keep it simpleYou can get travel paint boxes, or take the one you use generally. I decided to use this palette as it is very lightweight and works very well.RESOURCE.Traditional colours I use

How to measure and scale down any subject.Master this skill and it will make your sketching easier and more satisfying.

Some of my students.Here you can see how these ladies have set themselves up.

View finder.This is a simple tool you can buy or make for your self.It helps you pick out your composition and you can mark it up into squares and even trace the object onto it.RESOURCETwo pictures to ...

This painting is of a boat on the canal. Here we take a general look at the scene.RESOURCE.Photo of the scene.

Boats can be quite tricky to get the curves and shapes believable.

Here you will discover a useful tip for constructing not just this one but other difficult shapes.

Here I select some colours while I am there and even hold up the paper against the colour I wish to match.

Applying the first layer of paint.Here you will see me putting the first very light an d wet wash onto the paper.Please note that I leave plenty of dry areas.

Another layer of paint.I have speeded this up. It will give you the idea of how to do this stage.

Another layer of paint.I have speeded this up. It will give you the idea of how to do this stage.

It can be fixed.Don't panic! Here I show how I fix a couple of things that didn't quite go according to plan. There is always a way to make things better.

SketchingIt will make such a difference to your final painting if you take the time to plan. Solve all the problems at the beginning.

Select your coloursIf you are going to return to work in your studio make sure you have selected your colours while on location.

Narration added.This is just here for your entertainment. being a one woman artist, sound and video technician is a bit tricky sometimes to get it all together. There was a bit of wind noise and light ...

How I have created my composition.For this painting I have chosen Canson, Moulin du Roy, 100% 300 gm 140 lb Grain Satin. This will enhance the lightness I want in the finished painting.Always start wi ...

Adding more colour and thinking about colour values.Here I explain more about how I am working and the effect I want to get.

How to simplify a composition.Take a look at this video and see how to break things down to make it m ore simple to vies and see how to paint your subject.RESOURCEPhoto of the subject.

This little video will give you an idea of how to go about painting outdoors. Don't feel inhibited, just relax and have fun.All I aimed to do was to paint a representation of the trees in front o ...

Another short video made on the beach in Juan les Pins.This is really just to show you another setting and again to help you pick out a part to paint.

This is the second of three interviews with artist Libby Page, where we talk about her work process and also about painting 'en plein air.'