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I believe this course will assist many watercolorist too paint expressive and loose.


This is an introduction to the course. I am providing a course that I believe will assist many watercolorist to solve a specific problem I had in the beginning of my painting career and that is that m ...

Learn about the different characteristics of the different paints we can use. How to read some of the paint labels on the tubes.

In this video, to assist us in our process to paint loose, I will demonstrate how to do a simple line drawing.

An excellent painting is when there is a looseness that allow the viewer’s eye to complete the painting.One of the ways to achieve this is by using a limited palette. In this video lecture you will ...

In this first part of "An African Child" the preparation for this painting is done consisting of a line drawing.

In this second part of "An African Child" we will complete the first wash.

In part 3 we will concentrate on the second wash of watercolour.

This part of the video we will do the final detailed wash.

In this video we are finalising the painting and adding highlights

This video will be the introduction and start of this series in " Paint With Me". You will be encouraged to paint along with this video.

In this second part of "Paint With Me" we will start with the second wash.

In this part 3 we will do the final wash and start on the detail of the painting.

In this final video in this series we will complete the detail of the painting.

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