en PROFESSIONAL COURSES watercolor realistic portrait painting step by step workshop 5/5 (1)

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Watch me creating realistic portrait of a smiling gir in watercolor. I show the process and provide you with comments.


I introduce myself and show materials we are going to work with.

I show how I make a pencil sketch, mark catchlights and fleshtones and prepare my drawing to be painted with watercolor.

I show my palette and start painting my 1st watercolor layer. I give 3 colors I use to paint skin. I start painting eyes and lips. I also show how and where I reserve white for catchlights.

I make my 2nd watercolor layer, namely I indicate shadows, paint eyelashes, eyelids, brows, nose.

Description: I show how to paint hair in a loose manner, without overworking it. Also I add more colors to skin.

I paint clothes of a girl, show how to render fabric. Then I make another layer on hair. Also make shadows more deep.

I paint reflections in the eyes and hair. Then I add details to skin.

I show how I check my painting for mistakes. Then I make final layer of shadows to make a face look realistic and the whole panting more contrast.