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Learn to paint wildlife in watercolour by adding detail to give a feeling of realism to a painting


Learn to paint this Wren while you are guided step by step through a range of watercolour techniques. These will include how to work with detailed layers to create realism within your paintings. In ad ...

Well here we go, lets paint a Wren! Yes these are such lovely birds with amazing singing voices so a great bird to paint!In this first part of the video I will show you the early stages for applying t ...

With part 2 of this wren tutorial you will complete the beak and make a good start on some of the details within the feathers, let's get painting!

We are starting to get there, this lovely little wren is beginning to come to life more with every layer of detail we add. Let's continue with the feather details, highlights and legs.

This is the final part of this wren tutorial where you can complete this lovely bird!Here you will finish the legs, feet and paint the branch, don't forget to sign it. I hope you have enjoyed thi ...

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