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Finally, a slow video breaking down all the steps to a classic BoHo Chignon with braids! Here's to your updo success!


I am a real licensed cosmetologist who has had an amazing career since 1980! At my core I am an educator and care more about you, your progress, your clients and their events than I do about my YouTub ...

Not everyone has full hair. Some people have very fine silky slippery hair! See how chic the hair can look when it is straight! As you move through the course you will learn my sectioning system that ...

Here is the same technique for mid length hair and done in a fuller way. See how to change it up with bobby pins.

First let's learn the sectioning system. To find even more courses you can visit www.updosystem.com but let's get these looks under your belt first!Listen for how to define section 1 the fro ...

By working section by section you will avoid what most stylists say is getting brain freeze half way through! This is because they get lost in the design or doubt their decisions. A system always give ...

Learn how to get fullness at the crown and pop your braids! Learn how to tease the roots for fullness!

Let's build out the back! Learn how to curl for hold. Learn how to twist and pinch and pull the hair which is called pancaking for a professional look!

Watch this video to learn the fishtail braid. They can be done as intricate or as large as you wish. They are very versatile and create a great texture within your boho hairstyles.

This is an excellent example of how to get good solid teasing where it matters. When you follow steps and you know where the updo is headed, stress is minimized. If the client freaks out seeing you te ...

Enjoy this clear demonstration of how to curl your hair three ways with one tool. If you want curls in the bottom of your half up style this video is a perfect resource for you. If you are doing curls ...

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