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Welding made easy!


A learners mindset - welding is a skill for life, like anything the more you practice the more your skill develops.Welding involves learning a new skill and it is easy to be discouraged if you do not ...

Strap yourself in - here is a comprehensive guide to all the equipment you will need to start welding. Pros and cons are explained simply and a couple of options for each piece of equipment. Module 2 ...

Learn how to set up:- A safe work space- consideration to other people and animals- A work bench- your welder- your welding helmet- safe clothingModule 3 homework - Set up your workspace, set up a cle ...

Some people and first time welders can be a little nervous around a welder. They are hot, noisy, sparks fly, there is a bright light and there is electricity flying around! That can be quiet scary! In ...

Learning your starts! the first step to learning how to weld.It can be tricky, frustrating but being able to start the arc without any fuss is the first step to welding.Some people can struggle with t ...

Learn to bead! Beading is being able to perform a continuous weld of a consistent thickness. Be sure to 'manage the pool'The pool is the molten piece of metal created at the very end of your ...

Joining two pieces of metal!If you have done your homework all the way through then this is the easy part!Joining two pieces of metal is the same as beading - but you use two pieces of metal when you ...

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