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Beginners can complete a textured mountain scene using painting knife and brush techniques in wet-on-wet oil painting.


You will learn how to create the illusion of multidimensional, textured mountains through the use of light and shadow with a painting knife loaded with oil paint.  You will be led in a step-by-step m ...

You will learn what tools are used and how to prepare the oil paints and paint medium to begin your wet-on-wet oil painting experience.

You will learn how to prepare a canvas board with Liquid White to create a slick blending surface for the wet-on-wet oil painting method.

You will learn how to manipulate oil paints, load the painting knife, angle it while creating, highlighting and low lighting mountains on a canvas board.  With the completion of each exercise on the ...

You will learn how to prepare and distribute the liquid white and how to load your palette with oil paint.

You will know how to apply a thin even coat of Liquid White to a primed canvas to begin the wet-on-wet oil painting experience.

You will learn how to load a 1 inch brush with oil paint and how to move it across your canvas, using different strokes as it blends with the liquid white to create a pretty blue sky with a soothing l ...

You will be able to load a roll of oil paint on a painting knife and be able to create mountain peaks to form a mountain range as well as learning how to soften it with a 1 inch brush.

You will learn how to create texture by adding a light color to one side of the mountain using specific knife angles, the lightest pressure, and a fluid movement, creating breaks as you slide the pain ...

You will learn how to create a shadow color, load a roll of paint on your painting knife, angling it with less pressure while sliding the paint down the slope of the mountain. 

This is where you have fun with your mountain and add more light or shadow where you want.  You can join peaks, move mountains in front of each other add extra little peaks at the base etc and join t ...

Your mountain scene is pretty as is, but you can push it back into the distance by adding foothills in front of it, which adds depth to your oil painting. 

It is important to clean your brushes well to prolong their usage.  There are many products that can be used to remove oil paint from brushes and you can choose whichever one works best for you.  I ...

Through continued practice with the techniques you learned in this course, you will be able to create other mountain scenes as well as scenes with boulders, rocks and cliffs.  Get inspired and use th ...

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