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For beginners, Those who would like to understand the world of Essential Oils, their uses, their therapeutic properties.


Students will learn some basic information about Aromatherapy. This course is for educational purposes only not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent sickness illness or diseases or mental heal ...

Students will be able to identify and Glory is Types a Essential Oils,

Students will be able to Identify various types of essential oil’s.

Students will be reading how herbs have been used during the 16th and 17th century, but some dates back to the 60-70 CE. Students will learn how many Herbs have been recorded and are used today in foo ...

Students will be able to identify and sharet is Types a Essential oils.

While there is still on going studies and research, students will use the resources given for research purposes also consult with personal doctor or trained aromatherapist Practitioner.

Students will review a basic outline of a short history on herbs and diabetes. Alongside the break down of herbs and their nutritional value.

Student will review some basic details about Essential Oils.

Students will read an overview on the History of Diabetes. Remember this is just a fraction of what diabetes is today and how it has come a long way and how modern medicine has changed over the years ...

Students will review a basic recipe made with all natural products such as Essential oils, Arrow Root Powder to create an all natural deodorant.

This is a full list of reference along with links that you can use to do your own personal research so that you can understand how herbs are used alongside conventional medicines.

We have come to the end of this course and I want to personally thank everyone. I hope and pray that you have learned something about Herbs and the history of Herbs and that you go beyond this and con ...

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