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Learn to identify beneficial predators in your garden and eliminate the need for chemical pest control.


Many people list the Praying Mantis as a beneficial insect. Companies even sell nests of baby mantises. Are these creatures truly "beneficial"? We will look at pro's and con's in this lect ...

If you have mealybug population problems, you will likely want this predator around.

The soldier beetle is a worldwide predator of pests. So, what do they look like and how do you get them?

These are some of the largest wasps around, and are incredibly useful in controlling larger pests. Are they worth the risk?

These wasps build those characteristic "umbrella" shaped nests that are so intimidating. But, they do have some useful qualities to offer.

As the name suggests, this little guy has an anchor pattern. How does he benefit your garden?

Although these can be mistaken for just another stink bug, they are far from harmful to your garden.

This gnat-looking bug feeds on aphids but resembles something not so pleasant.

He might be mistaken for a house fly, but this little guy loves to eat your pests.

Everyone loves lightening bugs, right? We all know they are harmless, but can they actually be beneficial?

These are often mistaken for bees, but they are actually a very adept fly.

This is one scary, tough fly...who loves to consume larger pests.

This is certainly no damsel in distress.

Minute is right: these bugs are tiny, and very useful predators.

If we were talking camouflage, this little bug would probably win a prize.

If they have a name like this, they must be good.

This bug is easy to identify with his ridged wheel pattern.

An ambush bug does just what his name suggests...ambushes things.

Often called "Granddaddy Long-legs"

Yikes! Who likes spiders? Maybe you will change your mind about giving these guys a home in your garden.

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