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The complete wine course for beginners. Grape varieties and countries.


Please don't forget to download a pdf file attached to this lecture. This is the full summary of the  first section “Intro to wine tasting”.

In this lecture we are going to discuss wine terms, and some essential facts from wine history.

We will learn what grapes are used to make wine.

We will learn what is terroir and how it affects wine's quality and price.

We will learn how to make wine and what is the difference between cork and screw cap.

4 steps approach of tasting wine like a boss.

We speak in details about each step of tasting wine, try to find aromas in wine, learn 5 main features of wine, and try to describe wine like professionals.

We learn how to serve wine, what glasses to buy and how to aerate wine.

We will learn how to store your wine correctly, and what to do with leftover wine (if any).

Let's sum up what we have learned already.

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You will find out what wine to drink with your favorite food.

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