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Step by Step Winter Trees, Holly Berries and then a more Advanced Red Cardinal. All three projects will use gouache.


Students will work on 3 separate watercolor projects in this course. We will start with easy Winter Trees layering with gouache to create snow. For the Second project we will paint holly berries addin ...

If you are new to Udemy you may find this quick tutorial helpful. I'll discuss Playback issues, where to post Questions, where to find your resources in the lectures, and  how to leave or skip a ...

Great for turning into Holiday Cards!A quick and simple way to create some cool textured backgrounds using salt! We will add some trees and layer with snow using white gouache. This is a great warm up ...

We will cover all the supplies needed to complete both watercolor Projects. In this section Students can view the video for materials needed for these projects .  Remember this course has lifetim ...

In this section we will sketch your Winter Tree Scene using a # 2 pencil or a watercolor pencil. In this step you will want to sketch lightly as to not leave dark pencil lines in your final painting.

Let's work on a wet in wet background. You will learn to create a wet in wet sky with lovely color mixing on the paper along with using my favorite tool to create stunning textured backgrounds ...

Discover the beautiful textures that salt can create. Making sure that your painting has fully dried before we remove the salt.

Now that your background is dry, let's begin creating some trees. We will add some deeper shades by mixing in a few different colors of greens. You may like to take a look at my youtube video on ...

For the next layer of our painting we will learn how to create the illusion of snow on the trees by using white gouache.  Being careful not to use too much water with your gouache or the snow will l ...

Let's begin with a light sketch of holly berries.  This demo is a very intuitive painting. Take a look at some images of berries if you like the look of realistic berries.

Creating a beautiful wash background for our berries using a few layers of greens to create some depth. Using a 3/4 inch oval brush we will begin with wetting our paper first and then begin to add col ...

In this lecture we will begin painting in the layers for your leaves. We will dry the glazes in between to add some lovely depth and highlights to your paintings

Now we will add some red to create your holly berries.

First we will add some darker shades under your berries to create more depth. Next we will add highlights to our berries to add a shine to them.

Using a black sharpie to make things pop by outlining your painting. Try different colors maybe gold or white too.

Let's See Your Project!Post your Projects  in the Q&A Section or by sending me a note!Complete your own Holly Berries painting using the tools and tips in class. Try some other pens like gold o ...

In step one student will see me sketch the cardinal out with a pencil. If you would rather print the PDF you can do so under the resources button over on the top left hand side. Please note that you w ...

Students will begin painting and mixing up some deep colors of orange and adding some red to the birds beak. We will learn how to lift color and pull out paints for a highlight.

Students will wet the area with a clean wash and begin painting the head and dropping in pigments for a smooth transition of color.

Students will continue to add a deeper wash and using lights and darks to create layers in your branches.

Students will learn to layer with colors and create some fine looking feathers adding more deeper values to our feathers.

Here students will learn how to work with white gouache to add hight lights to your bird. Learn how to use gouache in layers and how to blend and soften your colors.

Students will begin to add snow using white gouache. Learn how to mix water with your gouache and learn how to create the correct consistency to your gouache.

Students we would love to see your projects posted with the group either by tagging Kellie Chasse Fine Art on social media (so that I can see them) or by posting them under the Q & A section. You ...

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