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Learn to Create Beautiful and Unique Jewellery with Wire Wrapping Techniques..Create Wire Wrap Tulip Pendant


Get to know me...and about the formation of this course.. Hi. I am Gopi the designer and maker of ArtsvilleHandcrafted and your instructor for this course. My journey for Jewelry making started in my ...

This course requires four different types of weaving techniques. We will be using Coiling on single wire, 3x2 weave on two base wires, Bail weave and 2x2 weave on three base wires.  For practicing th ...

In this lecture you will learn to Coil on a single Base wire.

In this lecture you will learn to weave over two base wires using the 3 x 2 weave.

This is my favorite weave for the Bails! thus the name the bail weave. Let us start weaving..

We will learn to weave over three base wires, the 2 x 2 weave. This weave is perfect for weaving over three wires..in this project we will use it for making the frame for the pendant.

Let us start with the Tulip project then..Take a look at the Article file for the detailed list of tools and materials used in this section.

In this class we will prepare the Base wires for the Frame of the pendant. We are using 18ga round wires as our base wires and 28ga wires as our weaving wire. We will be doing 2 x 2 weave over three b ...

In this lecture we will create the frame for the pendant. We will shape and form the teardrop frame.

In this lecture we will weave for the Bail and also set the stone within the frame.

Now its time to shape the Bail..use a simple dowel or Bail making pliers fro this step. We will also be doing 3x2 weave over remaining base wires.

We will now shape the 3x2 weave wires!!

Let us add more details!!

It is all about details..details and details!!

Almost there...last step of weaving..

Let us add some bead embellishments to the pendant.. and our pendant will be ready in this step.  For polishing and finishing the pendant go through the bonus lecture.

Oxidizing the jewelry gives it depth and changes its looks entirely!! this is definitely optional ..but I always give patina to my jewelry.

Fist step after giving patina is scrubbing thoroughly with steel wool.  I use a 0000 fine steel wool for this purpose.

The last step is to use rotatory tool to give mirror finish to the piece. It gives a nice shine. and the polishing compound protects it naturally from tarnishing.

Congratulations .. you have completed this course in your wire wrapping journey.Wire wrapping is so much easier and fun then it looks!! Look what we achieved with just a few supplies and tools.. With ...

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