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Learn to Create Beautiful and Unique Jewellery with Wire Wrapping Techniques..


Get to know me...and about the formation of this course.. Hi. I am Gopi the designer and maker of ArtsvilleHandcrafted and your instructor for this course. My journey for Jewelry making started in my ...

In this lecture we will discuss different types of wires and the two wires which are used in this course.  There are so many variety of wires available for exploring..each wire is different in its ow ...

In this lecture I will share some of my favorite tools with all of you and why I choose to use them. Tools needed for wire wrapping are very basic. With your hands and a few pliers we can create beaut ...

In this lecture we will learn about the Stones and Beads. There are endless varieties available!!  Most often these become the focal point of our designs, thus understanding the types and shapes and ...

Before starting we will look at some of the common terms used to describe components of wire wrapping.  I will be using these terms to describe a component or a process frequently in the course.

Before diving into the projects practice these techniques. These tips will help you develop good habits in terms of handling your wires and tools. It will lead to a higher level of craftsmanship in th ...

Curves and shapes create the overall form and then the weaving is what makes the designs unique and interesting!! This is a basic foundation for wire wrapping. Frames and then the design of the piece ...

In this section we are practicing formation of curves and shapes. We will use 18 gauge round wire for our practice pieces ad the projects. We will use various stones and beads too. Basic and main tool ...

Hands are the best and most important tool for wire wrapping. All hands move wire differently thus creating unique jewelry every time. The best way to create flowing free form shapes is using hands!! ...

We will create a simple organic flower pendant !!

Learn how certain tools can be used to create certain shapes. Develop the designs with the combination of hand formed curves and shapes using tools!!

This is a small project for practicing the use of tools. We will create a simple Heart pendant.

Stones and beads are the heart of all jewelry. In this lecture we will learn to create shapes using stones to match their exact shape.

We will create a pendant using a Tumbled stone bead. This is a perfect pendant for all rough or tumbled stones with holes.

Let us start our wire wrapping journey by learning to weave (or coil) over single base wire. Once we have practiced the coiling technique we will create a beautiful Flow pendant using the techniques w ...

We will use 18 gauge round wire as our base wire and 28 gauge round wire as our weaving wire. In addition to this we will use beads and a small piece of 22 gauge wire for the flow pendant. Find the de ...

We will learn the technique of weaving over the single base wire - also known as a coil-over single wire.

Using the techniques we have learned so far we will create the Flow pendant.

Using the techniques we have learned so far we will create the Flow pendant.

Using the techniques we have learned so far we will create the Flow pendant.

Now we will use two base wires to practice our weaving skills.  We will use the technique of weaving over two base wires to create the Dew Drop Pendant.

We will use 18 gauge round wires as over base wire and 28 gauge round wire as our weaving wire. To create the dew drop pendant  we will use a briolette bead and a small round bead.

We will learn to weave over tow base wires using the 3 x 2 weave.

Using the 3 x 2 weaving technique over two base wires we will create the Dew Drop pendant

We will learn a new weave over two base wires. I am calling it the Bail weave. Using the techniques learned so far we will create the Twig Pendant.

We will use the 18 gauge round wire as our base wire and 28 gauge wire as our weaving wire. We will also use a round bead for the twig pendant. Find the details in the Article.

This is my favorite weave for the Bails! thus the name the bail weave. Let us start weaving..

Finishing your jewelry is as important as creating one. In this Bonus lecture we will learn the basic techniques for finishing and polishing your jewelry.

Congratulations .. you have completed this first step in your wire wrapping journey.Wire wrapping is so much easier and more fun than it looks!! Look what we achieved with just a few supplies and tool ...

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